WISE was born out of the Women’s March on Washington DC, a sense of anger and a feeling that we could not stand by and watch our country move backwards. We are, as such, a Huddle and maintain strong links to the Women’s March movement. As we formed, we educated ourselves, including through the Indivisible guide and registered early on as an Indivisible Group. As a women’s movement in Anne Arundel County, we are keen to represent and cover the broad range of issues that are important to our members. We have a clear mission statement and 14 issues-based minihuddles that act on our priorities at the local, state and national level. We are nonpartisan and welcome women of all ideologies who agree with our mission statement and want to be effective agents for change.


WISE proudly hosted our first Town Hall on Monday, May 15th.
Over 300 people attended, and over 500 viewed the event on live-stream.  Thank you to all our WISE Huddles for their work on the Scorecard, and for their excellent questions at the Town Hall. Big thanks to all the WISE women who volunteered to help make this such a success! 

According to Senator Reilly: “After every legislative session, we have a chance to be invited out to groups of people and sometime we will get groups of 30 or 50.  Never have I had in my 15 years, the opportunity to talk to so many people at one time.”

Senators Reilly, and Delegates Malone, McConkey and Saab started the evening off by giving participants a two-minute introductory statement.  Participants from the audience, including members of WISE’s Issues-Based Huddles, then asked the representatives questions about their voting records and their positions on several issues of interest. WISE launched an Annual Report – a type of Congressional Scorecard for District 33, supporting the need for more information-based exchange with elected representatives.There were a few interesting revelations, as well as some unsurprising confirmations of the representatives’ positions.  

To view WISE's first Maryland State Legislature Scorecard on the voting record of our four Representatives on WISE Issues of Interest, click the link below. For a recap of the Town Hall or to watch the live stream of the event, click the links below. 

WISE 2017 Maryland Legislative Session Report Card

Severna Park WISE hosts District 33 Reps at first Town Hall - The Arundel Patriot

Click here for the Live Stream Recording of the Town Hall 


WISE is a bipartisian non-religious affliated organization.